Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fashion News Ngayon: Summer Heat!!

I just LOVE styling fashion shows, it's so much fun!! The rush you get from it and let's not forget the hot (male models! hahaha) models but we only had 4 of them kaya ang konti ng choices!! CHOS! LOL The Podium spring/summer 2010 fashion show showcases the latest fashion trends from Speedo, F&H, Cole Vintage, The Hur & Izod for the Sand collection which i styled. Along with my bff Shahani Ganina who was in charge of the other 2 collections, Sand & Stone. To check the complete show click here >>> Podium Fashion show 2010
He's name is Ivan...and that's about it! We clicked! There was magic!! Too bad he's leaving for Germany on Monday, I think. Haaaaayyyyy....sana we had more time together (ECHOS ANOTHER!!)...I'm in LOVE. LAMO xoxo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today got me thinking about friendship...friends i have shared my life with...friends who are very important in my life...friends very dear to me...I treasure every single one of them. To the point of neglecting my mum (sometimes), to the point of cutting class or skipping work just to hang out. I mean life would be a bore without best friends right? 
My message to everyone is to treasure every moment you can with your friends. If we have issues with some of them forgive & forget...cause what we do is remember the bad times & never remember the good...which is wrong...cause you never know...baka bukas wala na sila...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fashion News Ngayon: Who did Q better?

Who rocked the cover?? Kylie or Gaga?? 
I know who i like. hee hee 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tae Yang = HOTNESS!

!Ohhhhhhh my, my, my, my!! where do i start?? K-pop fever is Definitely on fire here in manila & Tae Yang is sooooooo part of it! I'm sooooooooo (sorry ang over OA ka ha?! ang cute nya kasi!) loving his song WEDDING DRESS, make sure to watch till the might just cry...ENJOY BITCHES!

Don't ya guys think i KINDA look like him??

Pwede right?? bigay nyo na!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Behind the Keme...

I really had a crazy weekend last week!! Almost every other day i got a call for work or a shoot & it was like KALOHKA!! & one call i got was from the Velvet channel inviting me to be part of this years TRIBUTE TO THE OSCARS & accept i did!! Why not right?? What a ride i must say!! They called me to do the project like 5 days before the shoot cause i had to work with the schedule of my 2 artist which is Gerald Anderson & Ali Klaus. The movie i got? Inglorious Bastards.

So what is this all about?? TRIBUTE TO THE OSCARS is a exhibit that pays homage to Oscar winning/nominated films the must be re-created in a photo. The grand prize is 150k!! kalohka diba?? 

Separated at Birth??

OMFG!!! Don't I just look like my big sis?? Kalohka ba??
Well if you don't see the resemblance then KEBS!! He's hot! I'm hot! so yun!! keme lang!
I give my big sis 10 ganda points for his music video! Check it out!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion News Ngayon: All Grown Up

I've always been a BIG BIG fan of Dakota Fanning...since she was like 2 (chos lang!)! but seeing her grow up so fast is like WOW!! From being a totally awkward yet brilliant actress to a beautiful & stunning lady!! Here she is as she graces the pages of VOGUE Italia.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful in White

I'm DYING!! BAYABAS!! I can't sleep! & can't stop 'ATTRACTING' these lovely Dior Homme calf ankle sneakers & this Goyard St. Louis tote bag. the price of the Dior Homme sneakers? 533 euros which is around p34,645 & the Goyard tote is around 60k. so panu ba??


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Love this!! need to loose more LBS to rock this look!! BAYABAS!!

I'll marry you in a heart beat!! (bet nya kaya?? hahaha)

Will you like to 'pop' my cherry?? 

_ _ _ _ me! NOW NA! LMAO

PINK de Soleil

Pink definitely KILLED IT at the Grammys this year! as in!! Bongga ka gurl! soooooo CHIC-KA!!
perfect 10 for you!! (@ LADY GAGA your mother sucks cock in hell! your opening number was BLAH. Was not impressed! Totally forgettable.)

Check the AMAZING performance here

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sarah Geronimo underwhelms...

tsk tsk tsk Sarah what happened here?? Your becoming the 'Copycat Queen' anu ba??
I think it's time to hire a new choreographer...sino ba ang choreographer ng G-force?? Hmmmm...
Maybe next time you can be a little more creative with your routines...not like this! A direct RIPOFF from Lady Gaga's performance on Gossip Girl...from the hair to the outfit, ANU BAH?! This is a minus Sarah...not a perfect 10. Sorry po! still love ya though! xoxo
 I want your Blah...blah, blah, blah, i want your BLAH!!

Check out Lady Gaga's performance here 

Fashion New Ngayon: MONO

Hey y'all! Did you guys miss moi?? I'M BACK-LA! =g
I was SPOTTED last Friday night at Jujjin Samonte's Exhibit Number One in head to toe MONO.
CHANEL-LO!! (my tat looks so FETCH! LOL) So i'm wearing this Chanel shirt, Studded glove & a geometric headpiece all by MONO. Lace covered Shades are by Rcxy. Fierce right??
So who are the 2 little MONSTERS behind MONO??
of MONO. i just HEART THEM!!
Can't wait for my next MONO outfit!! I'm like they're muse. kape ba?? why not?? a plus size model  lang! tama?? tama!!
Me with the man of the night Jujiin, Paulo & Milan.