Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fashion New Ngayon: MONO

Hey y'all! Did you guys miss moi?? I'M BACK-LA! =g
I was SPOTTED last Friday night at Jujjin Samonte's Exhibit Number One in head to toe MONO.
CHANEL-LO!! (my tat looks so FETCH! LOL) So i'm wearing this Chanel shirt, Studded glove & a geometric headpiece all by MONO. Lace covered Shades are by Rcxy. Fierce right??
So who are the 2 little MONSTERS behind MONO??
of MONO. i just HEART THEM!!
Can't wait for my next MONO outfit!! I'm like they're muse. kape ba?? why not?? a plus size model  lang! tama?? tama!!
Me with the man of the night Jujiin, Paulo & Milan.

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