Friday, January 29, 2010

Lance Bass = HOTNESS!

 WOW-ZA!!! Lancie boy! your lookin pretty FINE! so 'PAMINTA' I'm sooooooo loving this!! Pasok ka sa banga GURL!

Separated at birth?? LMAO


Styled by Matt Gozun
Make up by Clair Seelin-Diokno of Shu Uemura
Hair by Ricky Diokno
Model Sanya Smith

Happy Thoughts...

 Something GV (Good Vibes) for the night...for all those single people who still believes in LOVE & the BEAUTY of it...
When Love Takes over by David Guetta  Ft. Kelly Rowland
The One by Kylie
This song was the inspiration for my tattoo...i soooooo HEART this song!

Don't you feel better?? GV right?? xoxo

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smoke bomb

I've been smoking now since 2004... & smoking is the last vise I ever tried. Never smoked in high school or stuff like that. You can call me a good 'girl'. AS IF!!
I really enjoy smoking because of work, it really does calm you down when your stressed. I'm guessing it's the nicotine. But now I'm hating the smelly fingers & most of the time 'US' smokers smell like an ashtray's & we just don't notice it cause we're used to the smell. Actually I've already gone cold turkey for like a month or so then I went to Monaco, south of France last 2007 for work & we got to stay in a beautiful house over looking the Mediterranean sea & I was like WOW!! Someone please give me a cigarette!! The view was just breath taking! & the rest is history. Back to old habits & never had the will power to stop but writing this blog I'm feeling empowered. So for 2010 this coming April which is my birthday... I will QUIT!! AS IN!! TO THE NTH LEVEL!! So friends & frienemies alike!! Lets do us all a favor a save our lungs... or lives... and let's have a 'FRESHER' 2010!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My 2 Bff's Jake Galvez & Shahani Ganina were 2 finalist in the Amazing Race season 3
and were even sent to Bankok Thailand for their final interview...but sad to say they didn't make it... =c
Check out their hilarious video that got them in...well kinda! hehehe
P.S. make sure to watch till the very end as I make a cameo as 'Tyra Bangs'
Enjoy Bitches!!

Fashion News Ngayon: Towering Heights!

These photos of Victoria Beckham have been circulating for some time now & WOW!!! Thos shoes are 'MAY-JAH!'
These thigh-high latex Antonio Berardi boots towering at 5 1/2 inches, really look good on her (so does David Beckham). And these come with a price tag of £3,420 ($6000).....ouch!!!!

Your really are s Style Icon sis!!

Fashion News Ngayon: Crime dosen't kill but BAD Fashion does!

Oh my gulay!! Lady Gaga what happened to you?? you look so sad & gloomy?? & your outfit?!! MY GAWD!! having a bad day? pms? hmmmm...tsk tsk tsk looks to me like Lady Chaka! You look like a 'Laos' Britney wannabe!! Thank god for those Jean Paul Gaultier shades. Your saving grace.

Lady 'Chaka' was SPOTTED This weekend performing at New York's Radio City Music Hall & it doesn't end there...the following day Gaga was SPOTTED is this sad number...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marco Da Silva = HOTNESS!

Sizzzzzzzling!!! ain't he HOTNESS?? Marco is one of Kylie's hot! hot! hot! (sorry ah kinikilig nanaman ako while writing this! i think my panties just fell off!) dancers. from her Showgirl tours till the X tour....i can't believe that saw him in person in Kylie's concert in Bangkok 2008. 'TL' (tulo laway) ako sayo!! argh!!! Rice please!!
Love his tat's!!

Fashion News Ngayon: Round 1

Spring/Summer 2010 is looking pretty exciting!! Just take a look at these ads by Louis Vuitton & Alexander Mcqueen.
Well personally i ADORE the Mcqueen ad!! it's like MAY-JAH!! you likey??

Only to 2 Fashionistas have been seen rocking these 'ARMADILIO' shoes by Mcqueen
Daphne Guinness
(but guuuurrrl you look scary! Creep keeper ba ang peg mo??)
Lady Gaga (Do us all a favor & jump to your own death gurl!)

& may pahabol pa...KELIS

Oh no she didn't!! 

Monday, January 25, 2010

Reality & Fantasy

Face 2 Face is a beauty & style exhibit by make up artist Jake Galvez & hair stylist Buern Rodriguez.
Which took place last August 09 at Fiama. The success of the exhibit will now result in FACE 2 FACE part Deux which we will be starting to shoot very very soon! Face 2 Face is a mixture of Jake's & Buern's favorite stylists & photographers with celebrities, fashionistas, people from the fashion industry & modern day ICONS.



     Xtina Superstar

Ann Casas & Jasmine Maierhofer

Photos By Paolo Pineda, Doc Marlon Peco & Ash Castro

Make up artist Jake Galvez                                                            Hairstylist Buern Rodriguez
Fashion Stylist Matt Gozun
what?? i can't help it if im HOT! well...maybe a HOT MESS!!

Viva Forever

Of course the Spice girls are part of the
   ‘BRITs Performance of 30 Years’ at this years Awards show.
syempre mag papatatlo ba sila?? GO GIRL POWER!!

Spice Girls at the Brit awards circa 1997 soooooooo Posh Spice!!

diba?? pwedeng pwede!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The BRITS most memorable performance!

Kylie’s iconic performance of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ stole the show at the 2002 Brit Awards and is nominated for the ‘BRITs Performance of 30 Years’ at this years Awards show.

Dressed in a sexy Dolce & Gabbana white dress with thigh high silver boots, Kylie wowed the audience at Earls Court and those at home watching on TV with her show-stopping entrance on a silver vinyl disc emblazoned with her logo.

The inspired mash-up with New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ added an exciting new twist to her monster worldwide hit and, with its amazing choreography and production design, Kylie’s electric performance that evening stands out as one of the most memorable of her career.

Kylie’s 2002 Brits performance will feature this weekend on ‘The Brits Hits 30’ (Sat 23rd, ITV1), a unique anniversary programme that celebrates The BRIT Awards reaching its 30th year by viewing some memorable performances that the public can vote for to receive the special ‘BRITs Performance of 30 Years’ award.

Check the FANTASTIC performance ng lola mo below

To vote like NOW NA!! >>>>

Also check out Kylie talking about the performance

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are you ready for this??

Jujiin Samonte's 1st exhibit y'all!! hope to see you all there!! Remember...Chaka outfit?? NO ENTRY!! FIERCE FASHION is a must!!

That's Hot!

I got the chance to work & style Manny Pacquiao for a TVC a day before Christmas for his campaign. Coming out very soon! & guess what i got?? (asides from my TF LOL)

winner right??

Me with my friend josh & Manny! Manny! Manny! Manny!

Of course the shoot wouldn't be complete without Jinkee Pacquaio! go team Jinkee!!

And now....

Meeting PARIS HILTON with my Couisn JAKE GALVEZ in fabulous Las Vegas! Circa 2008
It was her launch of here new footwear line at Macy's at the Fashion Show Mall and guess what?! we had to buy a pair just to meet her!!! was it worth it?! hhhhmmm...NNNNNYYYYEEESSS!!!
& yes!!! that really is PARIS HILTON!!


Finally!! i'v done it!i over came my fear of needles & got a tattoo! i'v always wanted one since like forever!!

 My very 1st Tattoo!

The inspiration??

So again since ang lola mo ang inspiration ko i TWEETED here again!!

I should be so lucky! lucky ,lucky ,lucky , lucky!
I can die now a happy biatch!