Monday, January 25, 2010

Reality & Fantasy

Face 2 Face is a beauty & style exhibit by make up artist Jake Galvez & hair stylist Buern Rodriguez.
Which took place last August 09 at Fiama. The success of the exhibit will now result in FACE 2 FACE part Deux which we will be starting to shoot very very soon! Face 2 Face is a mixture of Jake's & Buern's favorite stylists & photographers with celebrities, fashionistas, people from the fashion industry & modern day ICONS.



     Xtina Superstar

Ann Casas & Jasmine Maierhofer

Photos By Paolo Pineda, Doc Marlon Peco & Ash Castro

Make up artist Jake Galvez                                                            Hairstylist Buern Rodriguez
Fashion Stylist Matt Gozun
what?? i can't help it if im HOT! well...maybe a HOT MESS!!

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