Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smoke bomb

I've been smoking now since 2004... & smoking is the last vise I ever tried. Never smoked in high school or stuff like that. You can call me a good 'girl'. AS IF!!
I really enjoy smoking because of work, it really does calm you down when your stressed. I'm guessing it's the nicotine. But now I'm hating the smelly fingers & most of the time 'US' smokers smell like an ashtray's & we just don't notice it cause we're used to the smell. Actually I've already gone cold turkey for like a month or so then I went to Monaco, south of France last 2007 for work & we got to stay in a beautiful house over looking the Mediterranean sea & I was like WOW!! Someone please give me a cigarette!! The view was just breath taking! & the rest is history. Back to old habits & never had the will power to stop but writing this blog I'm feeling empowered. So for 2010 this coming April which is my birthday... I will QUIT!! AS IN!! TO THE NTH LEVEL!! So friends & frienemies alike!! Lets do us all a favor a save our lungs... or lives... and let's have a 'FRESHER' 2010!


  1. keri, at least we have 3 more months to keme-all-we-want!! We need to hoard the black menthols na!

  2. hahaha tama!! so join in the fun?? & please don't wait till your 30 to quit! mwah!