Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rated R

Ok so here's the 411...I'm really not a Rihanna fan...just very very light!
Never really paid enough attention to her new album Rated R, I find it to DARK for my liking but after Jolina Magadangal performed Russian Roulette in Party Pilipinas i 'kinda' liked the song...until i saw the music video & i was like WOW!!! This is something FANTASTIC!!
I have a new found respect for this girl. She is an ARTIST!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
The song is just MAY-JAY!! & the lyrics are awesome!! It may not have the commercial appeal like her previous songs but it definitely brings her to a new artistic level.
Check the video out!!

And here is my latest obsession! Riri's Rude Boy.
This is my work out song when i do cardio at the gym!
Bongga to the enth level!! 

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