Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Behind the Keme

More behind the scenes photos of Kylie for her new video 'All the Lovers'. Shot in downtown L.A.
And i must say... I'm loving that she's showing lot's of skin!! This is the Kylie i fell in love with, the 'Spinning around era' soooooooo SEXY!! Though I'm not loving those stripper shoes! Yucky!! She looks even smaller! But she can get away with it cause she's KYLIE, diba?!
Now let's talk about the outfit, well it's just so so for me, very Helmut Lang in her Red Blooded Woman video so i see nothing new here & the concept so far is very much like her Slow video but I'm sure that there are much more BONGGA elements to come & i can't wait to see the whole thing!! But for now all I can say is FABULOUS!!

What do you think?? You likey??

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