Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Kylie Effect

Finally!! So here's my 411 on Kylie's new album, so I gave myself the weekend for Aphrodite to grow on me. Since the album leaked last week I couldn't stop listening to it...not in a good way a first. I was kinda confused actually...well not really! I thought the entire album was a 1 note. No WOW factor except for 'All The Lovers' which i HEART! But since kylie is my 'Pop Goddess' I said okay fine, I'll give it chance & so i did. Aphrodite is Kylie's 11th studio album and a true comeback to the dance floor.
It's magic. It's fantastic. It's easy, breezy, beautiful...COVER GIRL! CHOS!
So i guess you can say that the album has grown on me.
It's Kylie at her  best!! Classic danceable pop songs that will make anyone DANCE.
It's EUPHORIA...The Kylie effect.

All The Lovers
Love! Love! Love this song!! It really deserves to be the 1st single.
One of the BEST songs in the album!

Get Outta My Way
Rumored to be the 2nd single, they say that this song may be the replacement of 'Love At First Sight'
But at 1st hear i thought NO!! LAFS is so much GV-er! Took me a few more listens to like it but just LIKE.

Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)
Now this track is FIRE!! an instant fave at first hear!! I'm just in love with this track.
I feel strongly that it will be a single maybe the last one.

Didn't love at 1st but now I likey!!
If you wanna take a 'journey' then this is the song for you! Classic partee Kylie.

Everything Is Beautiful
Next Track please!! Not feeling this...yet.

Now this track screams 'MOVE OVER BITCHES'.
Also an instant fave cause it's FIERCE!! This is the only perky song on the album which is okay i guess Since this song is MASSIVE in every way!! Hope it becomes the 3rd single.

This song is 1 of 2 songs written by Kylie & Stuart Price for the album.
It kinda reminds me of Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita' not because they sound a like but because they have a similar feel. It's the perfect song to play while at the beach crashing. LOL

Better Than Today
Kylie debut this track on her north American tour last year & when i heard i thought....YUCK!!
Now what will the album sound like?? I was terrified!!
But listening to it NOW I'm beginning to like it. 
Very Mika-ish of her. GV

Too Much

Cupid Boy
Definitely as cheesy as it gets. 
But This song will take you higher & higher. No doubt about that.

Looking For An Angel
More cheese coming your way!! This is the 2nd song written by Minogue & Price.
It's sweet & full of love with Great lyrics.

Can't Beat This Feeling
Now this song is just PERFECT.
It's very very GAY!! Very Malate-ish!!
The perfect song to end the album with. MAGIC.

So now it's time to rate the album & i give it...

What do you think of the album?? Thoughts??


  1. all the lover's?? damn so sexy, so hot, its like calling up exbf's and ask him "will you sleep in my bed tonight"? no word's, just smile, and then kissing while playing "all the lovers" start undress him slowly like ive never met him before. so, you MATT, whos ex's u wanna have with these kind of moment while plying all the lovers??

  2. gosh i heard so much of this album, do you have any idea where to download the entire album??

  3. i love Aphrodite, Cupid Boy, All The Lovers (pero mejo nakaka sawa.. but still!) but i love all the tracks!! and Go hard or go home.. is it not in her album Aphrodite?