Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Behind the VELVET rope..

At the Velvelt Oscar Tribute: Me in MONO ensemble, Buern Rodriguez in a Vic Barba shirt & MONO jacket & Jake Galvez in Balenciaga and MONO vest. 
We heart MONO!!
 My BFF Shahani Ganina with Gone With The Wind won People's choice.
I'm soooooo dying of envy cause Shahani got to style  Jake Cuenca!! argh!!
Lotho Lotho's Titanic took home 3 awards. Best photographer, Dynamic duo, Enchong Dee & Erich Gonzales. And the Bronze medal. Kape ka sis!! Title ka nanaman!! Love it!
Congrats to all the winners...
US!!! Chost lang!! xoxo
Mary Kate & Olsen. LMAO
Ganda lang! bakit?!

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