Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's Carlos Concepcion to turn this summer even HOTTER!!
 WOW!! just look at his 'PUKI' line!! I DIE!!
Here's Carlos with my cousin Rexcy Evert. They were partners for the Mossimo bikini summit a few years back.
Ain't he cute in this look?? I'm loving that jacket!! Want one now, I likey!!
Carlos is a model/designer/stylist.
I've seen him around town but dedma lang sya sakin. Don't know why but dedma na. He's to CUTE for me to hold a grudge on.  I DIE! BAYABAS!


  1. hey! hahaha uhmm funny post bout me man. thank you! came across your blog through someones tweet. sorry if i dont say hi when i see you yo! never properly been introduced. ill say hi next time or just come up to me yeah:)-carlos